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Today I am truly in my glory, we are talking all about wedding flowers. This will be a multiple step process and today we are talking about different bouquet styles. Did you even know their were names for the different types of bouquets? While it’s important to pick an arrangement to suit your personal style, you don’t want to be over-shadowed by your bouquet on your big day. Read on to find out some of the most common styles and find the one you love for your wedding day!


This style bouquet has been one of the more popular styles for weddings. You may also have seen this as referred to as the European Hand Tied. This will always be a popular style with brides, and radiates traditional, elegant, modern and chic all from the same style bouquet with unlimited possibilities. Some of the charm in this round bouquet is that it is always created with the natural stems showing using Ribbons to hold the flowers together. This also allows for an area to personalize the bouquet by adding antique brooches or family heirlooms to the bouquet.

This style resembles an half moon shape known as the crescent. Similar to the cascading as the way the bouquet is formed in a bouquet holder, but the designs are different. Usually symmetrical, these flower arrangements are preferred for their natural look. The flowers just seem to "flow" across the hands. (The bouquet is thick in the middle and tapers down as it nears the floor.) Depending on the flowers used and the length of the "arms" the crescent can be made to look traditional or more modern. These bouquets are true floral art and an individualist representation of the bride's personality. This style is perfect for sophisticated and contemporary weddings.

All bridal bouquets are lovely, but an arm bouquet has a special elegance that can carry a bride to the next level of beautiful. While arm bouquet remains less common, which makes it all the more captivating for guests - not to mention the groom. An arm bouquet can be used in virtually any type of wedding since the arrangement goes well with almost every style - casual to formal, traditional to contemporary, rustic to whimsical. 
 The flowers are arranged in a bunch of around ten to 30 stems with all of the blooms facing the same direction. The stems are tied with a ribbon, and the bride carries the bouquet with blooms resting on or draping over the crook of her elbow as she clutches the stems in her hand. An arm bouquet may include green leaves or grasses for added dimension, or it may contain only the flowers. This is completely a matter of personal preference, and both types are equally beautiful.

Cascading bouquets have a long history as the arrangement du jour for formal weddings and was made popular by Princess Diana. While the cascade bouquet seemed to disappear after the 80's, it has been making a lovely comeback. The cascading bouquet is something that eludes elegance and is a complete show stopper. Because of the nature of the bouquet, you need to be able to use flowers of different lengths, more importantly flowers with long stems like roses, orchids, callas, etc. 
With modern techniques making blooms from around the world available year ’round, brides are now using more exotic flowers such as orchids, which really have a free-flowing look as well as being a stunning flower. There are a lot of flowers that can make these bouquets unique to each bride and the possibilities are endless.

Although this is not technically a professional named bouquet I wanted to throw this in there. The loose bouquet (also referred to as organic or hand-tied) is exactly what the name says. A collection of loosely tied flowers and ribbon, this bouquet lends an air of relaxation and tranquility. They are ideal for outdoor venues or beach weddings. While the shape is very similar to the round and european hand tied bouquet, it does boast some subtle differences. More and more this style is gaining ground in the wedding industry. Loose bouquets and arrangements that resemble awild, natural, and free formed style are being seen everywhere. The look is completed with loose and hanging pieces that create a whimsical and loose look that boasts a playfulness.

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