{Wedding Series 101}:: Designer vs Planner

Today's post is meant to clear up a lot of confusion in the Wedding industry. So many people confuse Wedding Designers with Wedding Planners and vice versa and use them interchangabaly. A planner is almost always a coordinator, but a coordinator is not always a planner. A planner can be a designer as well, but a designer is not always a planner or a coordinator, and some are all three. Stay with me as I try to clear the confusion up a bit.


Greyson Design is know as a boutique Event Design and Floral Design company here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We specialize in both Event Design and Floral Design for the wedding and party industry. Meaning, I am like an interior designer to an event, thinking about the visual aesthetics of an event and thread the design through each element of the event. We look at the big picture!

An Event Designers job is to make everything beautiful :) We deal with working with professionals in  lighting, photography, and florists. We cover aesthetics like tablescapes, stationary, florals, linens, rentals, draping and more. Not every Event Designer is a florist either, but it is an added plus to be an florist in my opinion. Not only does it create a cohesive business and event, but also allows for the client or bride to narrow down vendor meetings without going to so many vendors. 

 We simply are not wedding planners but do more of the creative and artsy jobs when it comes to events. Don't be fooled though there are lots of planners who do design also, the difference is some are just merely designers. And some are merely just planners and hire third parties to handle the design aspects. 


A planner deals with all of the logistical elements of an event whereas a designer deals with all of the aesthetic elements of an event. Logistical elements include hiring vendors, creating schedules and making appointments. Most of them are involved from the very beginning of the planning process. A wedding planner will also help coordinate the day of the wedding since they are so involved from the beginning. 

A wedding coordinators primary duty is to be there on the day and ensure that it runs according to plan. You often hear them referred to as day-of-coordinators. Many jump in a month before the wedding to finalize the last minute details, confirm vendor obligations, create a timeline, and oversee the set-up of the decor. Many wedding planners offer wedding coordination serves to their clients as part of their service package. But be aware that wedding coordinators/day-of-coordinators are very different from venue coordinators.

A venue coordinator or event manager is hired by the venue to ensure your wedding follows the regulations of the space. They may help with your timeline but more often than not they will not help you with set-up or troubleshooting. Most importantly, a venue coordinator works for the venue; their job is to answer your questions about the venue, their loyalty is to the venue not your wedding.

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