{Wedding 101 Series}:: Let's Talk About Color!

Today's Wedding 101 Series is all about Color. I am a huge fan of adding color in unexpected ways for my clients and their weddings. Let's talk color today!

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People are visually driven by color naturally. Color makes individuals feel a certain way or can even change one's mood. When your looking for Wedding Day inspiration look in unlikely places. This may mean looking at nature, fabric, a picture, clothing and design, etc. The list could go on and on to where your inspiration may stem from. When I meet with my clients I put together a mood board for them to visually see.  You could do the same as well. Another idea I use is to start a collection of mini objects, items, fabrics, etc that I put into a mini tray that has sections. Whatever you feel is inspiring and useful -- go for it.

Mixing patterns, colors and fabrics all from the same color family is okay, actually it's awesome. The Ombre' effect is very popular amongst weddings, events, design and even fashion. Basically, you take one color lets say "purple," and use various shades lighter and darker in the design aspect of the wedding. It makes a cohesive and beautiful effect that can be taken from the paper goods, to the design and even to the florals. The bouquet above that I designed was a mix of different purples and fuschia tones creating an ombre' effect mimicked after Pantone's color of the Year, which is Radiant Orchid.

There is also the option of mixing patterns and textures from the same color family. You can use a tablecloth from a "lime green" color family, and pair it with printed napkins with a darker green family.
When it comes to the space your designing in don't be afraid to mix up the design rules as well. Think contemporary space with a mod touch, rustic with refined or organic with industrial. The ideas are endless and with most ideas you can find a way to make them mesh together well.

Whenever I am designing I am moved by organic and natural elements. Whether that would be a flower, fabric, vases, wood or even the architecture of a space, I play it up! When I work with those elements I make that a cohesive and repetitive element in the design. So whatever you pick as your statement piece don't be afraid to use it. Make a statement!

Don't be afraid to use color. Having black and white pinstripes with pops of fuschia is an excellent choice for a bold and chic statement, with a touch of Kate Spade. Don't be afraid to use pops of color to accent and overall theme, fabric or design idea. Color is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Tell me what are some of your favorite colors in the comments below, until next time!

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