{Tutorial} Pumpkin Centerpiece Arrangement

Happy Thursday!
I am back today with another tutorial, just in time for Thanksgiving and any Fall parties you may still have left. I created a few pumpkin centerpieces a few weeks ago for an client and decided to do an tutorial as well. It is an fairly simple arrangement and can be adapted by using fake flowers as well. I am an florist by trade and fresh flowers are my specialty, but whatever your prefer is fine too!

15 stems of flowers per pumpkin
3 stems of seeded eucalyptus
Floral cutters
1 Pumpkin 
1 Wet Foam by Oasis Floral (or dry foam for fake flowers) 
Sharp Knife 

  Star of Bethlehem and mini spray roses   

Dried Hydrangeas 

 Seeded Eucalyptus 

Hypericum Berries 

 First, prepare all your stems of flowers by pulling off leaves and bruised outer (guard) petals. 

Next, fill your sink up with water and let your floral foam soak up the water for about 10 minutes. Never push your foam underwater, let it sink naturally. That way no air bubbles are created in the foam.

While your foam is soaking, cut your pumpkin top off and clean out the seeds and guts. 

Once your foam is ready place the foam the long ways up, and trim off any foam that sits above the top of the pumpkin. 


Begin by greening in the perimeter of the foam. In this case I chose seeded eucalyptus. I took 3 main stems and cut the laterals apart to add in a nice platform.

 Do not push and flowers or greens through to the other side. 
Remember to keep flowers from pushing out the bottom of the foam so that the flowers receive adequate supply of water. 

 Next, fill in the base with bigger flowers  (focal) if you chose. Or you can continue to green in. My customer wanted me to use some dried hydrangeas that had a special meaning for the arrangement. They added an special and lovely texture to the fall arrangement.  


Then, you will need to add some height to your arrangement. A rule of thumb is the height should be not higher than 2 times the height of the object your working with. In this case it's a pumpkin. I used Star of Bethlehem to add interest and height to the pumpkin and some dried wheat as well. An odd number of each flower is more visually appealing so keep that in mind when designing. 

After, you have your height established then comes more of the focal and filler flowers. For my focal flowers I chose to use hydreangeas in this case and also have them serve as the base to fill in the arrangement. Focal flowers are any blooms that you want to be the focal part of the arrangement. Add an odd number, around the arrangement. Different heights is always good. 

Lastly, add in some accent flowers. In this case I used spray roses and red hypericum berries. Because my client wanted a very natural and earthy look, so I stayed clear of anything to bright and to distracting for the type of life event these would be used at. Now, you have an simple and beautiful arrangement for your fall event or Thanksgiving party. 


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