{DIY} Christmas Topiary Tutorial

I am back today with an gorgeous tutorial on how to make an topiary ball for Christmas decor or really any holiday. Get creative about the things you could use, the sky is the limit. I created two of these gorgeous topiary's for an magazine photo-shoot with my friend Gretchen from Three Little Monkey's Studio for an feature in Vintage KC Magazine, that Gretchen styled. The online edition can be found here.

 Gretchen is an amazing stylists and graphic designer as well. We first meet last April at SNAP, but were friends online for some time before officially meeting. She is equally as sweet in person and she's known to be online, love her :) The image below is an picture taken by Oh So Lovely Creative from the Vintage KC shoot. Love how Gretchen styled everything.

SUPPLIES PER TOPIARY: 1 large cinnamon stick (Hobby Lobby Christmas Department), 1 bags of Vase filler (found in Christmas isle at HL), Hot glue gun and sticks, 6 inch foam styrofoam ball, 1 brick of Styrofoam, container or urn, mini acorns or accents, ribbon, crystal accent button or brooch, thin piece of jewelry wire, red glitter, butter knife

First, prepare your supplies and plug in your hot glue gun. Start by piercing an hole into the Styrofoam ball about halfway through. Apply some hot glue to the end of an straight cinnamon stick and secure into foam ball.

Then, gather your vase filler accents and begin by gluing them unto the ball. Only do a little section at a time because it will dry fast. Stick an few of the mini red balls unto the glue and while still wet sprinkle the gaps of glue with red glitter to hide. Placing an piece of paper underneath the glitter helps to catch the falling glitter for reuse. Continue to do this until you have covered the whole area around.

 Next, take your urn or container that you will stick the topiary into and prepare it by cutting the foam with a butter knife and packing the container with the foam pieces.

Next, pierce the foam and glue the other end of the cinnamon stick into the foam and secure. Now, you are going to fill the bottom foam with accents of your choice.

Then, Tie an bow unto the topiary how you would like. Secure the broach by taking an piece of thin wire and weaving it through the knot on the bow. Pull tight and wrap the loose ends around the back of the brooch until the ends are hidden. This method helps secure the brooch better, than just gluing it on. 

 Now, you have an beautiful holiday topiary for your home or gathering. Duplicate these steps as much an you like to make as many as you wish. Don't forget this is adaptable for different holidays. Get creative with the supplies you use. {If you would life to seal the top part of your topiary for longevity you can spray with acrylic sealer found in spray paint department prior to attaching to the base, in an open and ventilated area}

 Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

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