I Choose Love!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! ♥

Today I have more of a personal post that I wanted to share. When I came into the New Year I wanted to do things a little different with my business and setting some pretty serious goals. Not only for my business but for my life in general. I had been pondering on connecting my branding, business and the whole meaning behind what I want to resonate with others. Others, who read my blog, follow my dreams and find meaning in following me on my journey. It seems fitting today on Valentine’s Day, more so than any other day.

I came across Ali Edward’s blog post found here  about picking one little word for your business. A word you can incorporate into everything, every move you make for your business and personal life. The word I decided on for this year is “love.” I was a little hesitant at first in picking this and trying to connect it with everything. It wasn’t until late last night when I was looking at the amazing new website for Lara Casey Media. This gal had my heart at hello. You can read more about her amazing love, passion and generosity over here

Lara couldn’t have summed it up more perfectly. I mean she took the words out of my mouth, literally. “Love, drives us! “ “Living life celebrating what really matters, that’s love.” So many times I am reminded of God’s love for us, His unconditional love. Something I want to carry over to everything I do.  I am reminded every time of my LOVE every time I pick up a paint brush, design paper goods, style an event, look at my family and think about my heavenly father. One thing constant is that LOVE shines through.

I knew that when I picked this word for my business, and designed my branding around it I wouldn’t regret it. How could you go wrong with love? Now, I feel more confident more so than ever in what I envision.  I am reminded of one of my favorite songs by Rachael Lampa called, Beauty’s Just a Word.
It's dark so you can see the light
And it's hard so you can know it's right
And rain, nothing ever grows without you

Didn't think that the sun would rise
I kept confusing the truth with lies
Something told me I could not let go now I know
And holding on is gonna see you through
So go don't let go no matter what you do
Love through the anger, love through the pain
Love through the storm and love through the rain

 Every time I hear this song I am reminded of my LOVE for what I do, and more importantly God’s love for me. I believe it’s not by accident, but by HIS perfect plan I am meant to do this work. In my lowest of lows, HIS love pulled me through. In my younger years it was HIS love for me and HIS perfect creation that instilled my creative abilities, and somehow HE always bought me back. When things were rough in home life and when I wanted to escape, I would wander into the woods by my house. For hours sketching and creating, bringing the things I had in my imagination to life. Never did I imagine several years later HE would bring me back to it all.

So I urge you to go out and celebrate what you love and who you love but most importantly not just today but EVERY day. Love what you do! When all else seems to fail remember “LOVE NEVER FAILS.” In the end I choose Love. What do you choose?

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