January Goals 2013

Well, you know what they always say better late than never :) This year I am really trying to share my goals monthly with my fans. I feel like this will be such a positive thing for my business and really help keep me on track more. Every month I will be posting my goals, so you can see what I have been working on, and working towards to say the least. Here are my top goals for this month. Not only do some involve my business, but also my personnel and spiritual life. I feel like having and seeing goals written down really stimulates my thinking and drive. I hope you continue to follow along with me monthly and give me a kick in the pants if I fall off the wagon from time to time. 
This was a hard month for me to say the least. Not only is it flying by, but so many obstacles have seemed to make their way in. My family and I got blind sided with a mean case of strep throat. We are in the process of renovating our basement at our current house, and have started full house demolition on our new house. We have about 3 months to say the least before our house sells, and have to have the remodeling done to move into our new house. I will actually be having the process blogged, more to come on that soon! 
Since, January is half way done I have made progress notes beside the goals for you to see where I am. I have had these goals since the New Year, just a little late in getting them posted. So with no further ado, my January goals...

1. Laugh more- No explanation needed
2. Sing in car more with kids- a must!
3. Start reading The Circle Maker- Started reading. Such a great book you can find here
4. Get resale license paperwork sent out- Got the paperwork, now to fill out and send it :) Have I said how much I dislike state forms!
5. Start basement remodel- starting Saturday
6. Paint more watercolor- very soon my dear!
7. Work on branding- attempting this weekend :)

I would love to hear some of your goals as well. You can leave them in the comments below.
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