Gold Dipped Ornament Tutorial

Well, today is officially my last tutorial for 2012. I am so excited and will be doing a lot more tutorials for the upcoming year. I am really thinking about recording some too! Just maybe you will be embraced with my silly voice ;) Today, I have a lovely and fun project. A few weeks ago I participated in my very first ornament swap with Southern Weddings! I have to say it has been a blast and I absolutely loved every ornament I received. The girls at SW really know how to put things together ;) 
I wanted to think of a creative way to use no other than, liquid gold. For some reason this month I have been brainstorming fun and lovely ways to use the stuff to pretty up things, without going broke. I have actually been making these ornaments for a few years now, but changed it up a bit this year. Usually, I will print the picture or stamp an image or saying on a transparency. This time I decided to go a different direction with the lovely ornament I made for the gals at Southern Weddings magazine. 
See SW just launched their fabulous 5th issue of Southern Weddings and it kind of is a big deal y'all. It only felt right that  my ornament for them pay tribute to all their hard work for what I feel is the best issue yet to come out of SW! Their theme this year was "Love Never Fails" designed in gold lettering, so I took that idea and ran with it. I was able to obtain a picture of the SW team from the latest issue and incorporated that into the ornament as well, along with some bling (of course). 

Come and enjoy the lovely details  that went into making this ornament so special. So pick your peas and come take a look.  
Southern Weddings Ornament Tutorial  
 Supplies: 1 large glass/plastic ornament, Ribbon of choice, fishing line, 5-6 beads or embellishments, printed photo sized to fit in ornament, scissors, fluff trim, glue gun, liquid gold, masking or painters tape, foam brush, old bowl that you don't mind getting stained with liquid gold, and hole punch

The first step you will want to take is wrap painter's tape around the bottom portion or ornament, not to high. Take liquid gold and paint in the very bottom portion of ornament. Take of cap and let rest in secure place on opening of ornament. Let dry 20 minutes before handling.  
 Next, Cut out shape you desire to size that will fit in ornament. Punch hole at top of the picture. 

 Next, take piece of fishing wire, about 10 inches long and weave one side through holes in ornament top. Make sure you end up on the bottom side of top. 

With the other side on the line string through hole in picture. Then, you will want to string beads on the line. 

Weave the last side of the fishing line through one of the holes in the top and come out the opposite hole. Make sure once again you are coming out the bottom side of the top.

If you would like to write a message on the back of the picture you may do so at this time. Adds a great detail. 

Next. roll the picture into a scroll small enough to fit through top of opening. 

With a dab of hot glue apply to top inside or cap. Let it cool off a moment before adhering fishing line to it. This will help to keep the line in place. 

Lastly, add any extra details with puffy paint, charms, or liquid gold. Once done you can glue on your fluffy trim or ribbon around top perimeter of ornament. Making sure to tuck in the end of the ribbon and secure with hot glue. Tie a coordinating ribbon on top to hang and hang from tree! 

Tip: Once you are done, paint the inside of your bowl with liquid gold. This gives you a unique bowl to use as you please. Not recommended for direct contact with food, decorative use only. 

Thank you all for following my tutorials this month, I hope you do try some of my projects out and come back soon. Have a blessed Christmas and a healthy, successful and joyful New Year's. 

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