I must confess something to you all, I ♥ PINTEREST (okay, I am obsessed)... In the words of Rachael Zoe: " I DIE."  I think that for girly, visual, crafty, paper loving gals like me it is a little piece of Heaven here on Earth. Ask yourself, what was my life like before Pinterest? I can tell you what mine was like. I would literally spend hours bookmarking inspiring items, compiling images in a Word document, print it and then organize it all into a binder, a very large binder in fact. I DO NOT miss those days, at all. This is why Pinterest is so AMAZING (get my point?) lol... I mean at the touch of your fingertips you have a virtual boards, that contain just about anything you can imagine under the sun, lots of eye candy. A place where you can go to escape and get lost in all of the crafty, diy, girly and paper goodness (well for me at least). Okay, so now back to the real reason why I am writing this post. I am offically kicking off Pintastic Tuesday here on the blog. Each week I will be concentrating on a concept, color scheme or what ever my little ♥ desires :) I will be combing Pinterest finding the things that inspire me as a stylist, crafter and lover of all things girly. I hope that I can inspire all of you lovelies, until next time, happy pinning... Follow me on Pinterest

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