Martha Stewart's Dreamers Into Doers Event {NYC }

In March, of this year I packed my bags eagerly, ecstatic that I was traveling to NYC (for the first time alone, eek) for a once in a lifetime opportunity. I was blessed to be one of the chosen, 1 of 80 to attend a event known as the Dreamers Into Doers Event. It is hosted each year and only a few selected people are able to attend and meet Martha Stewart!
In the past year, I have been an active member with the Dreamer's online community of oh so creative women that make it a powerhouse with lots of creative brain power :) On Monday, March 5th I set out on an amazing journey to NYC for 4 full days of nothing but opportunity and didn't look back, once!
I meet up with 3 fabulous roomies who I have only communicated with online but I could have not met better ladies :) We stayed at the Holiday Inn located in the Fashion District, which was about a block form the Chealsea Studio, where the MSLO taping would take place. I also discovered our hotel was conveniently located around the corner as to what I like to refer to as a little piece of Heaven, the Flower District!

The first night in NYC we meet others at a "Meet and Mingle Event" located at Broadway 49 Bar and Lounge. The ever so sweet Gigi Page arranged and hosted the event, one of the original dreamers to start the MSLO Event. We owe her so much for such an AMAZING opportunity! This event was a great chance to meet other fabulous entrepreneurs and to finally put a face with a name!

On Tuesday, we woke up early to attend a "live" taping of the Martha Stewart Show. What a blast and amazing experience if you have never been. We were excited to receive a free cookbook Girl in the Kitchen, from the first female winner of Top Chef, Stephanie Izard. After the show we were bused across town to the Martha Stewart offices, where all I can say is amazing! Imagine a building that expands a whole city block of NYC, two floors and filled with nothing but eye candy and pure craft goodness.  I def. died and went to heaven after being able to spend time there for 2 full days. We were taken to a large, white room where beautiful yellow roses and parrot tulips adorned the tables. The food was amazing and oh so good, I don't think Martha would of had it any other way :) For two full days, we were introduced to a lot of the staff that acts as the supporting powerhouse behind MSLO. Learning about social media, networking, Eco-friendly business practices, inspiring stories, organizing ideas, and cooking and craft tutorials. I definitely left NYC with lots of inspiration and business ideas, that I am working to apply to my business. 

The last day in NYC, I spent a day by myself after saying good-bye to the last roomie. I hopped on the train and took it down to the Financial District to attend the 9/11 Memorial and to visit some of the greatness that NYC has to offer. The 9/11 Memorial was AMAZING, definitely larger than life. It was such a somber day for Americans but what a impeccable memorial the city of New York has created. To see the One World Trade Center being built in the background was a unbelievable sight to see also. 

As I wandered through the city, mesmerized by all the glory and amazingness that NYC has to offer. If only I had more time in NYC, there always is next year, right? ;)  I was sad to leave, a place, where dreams really seem to come true. They say, all good things must come to a end. I was excited to get back to my family and tell my hubby about the amazing opportunity. I left NYC that afternoon with the goal to return, not sure of the exact reason but I knew I would be back. NYC you INSPIRE me!

I could not be more blessed than to be able to attend such a amazing event and an opportunity that I will cherish forever. Meeting so many beautiful, strong and successful women along the way. Friendships, that i will cherish forever and knowledge that I will always hold sacred :) If your are considering starting a business and need that extra push to get you going, I hope that I have inspired you to reach for the stars and believe that dreams really do come true! I would like to extend a special thank you to the team at MSLO for taking this gal on a ride to remember, one that I will cherish forever! 

{Disclaimer: In no way do I represent MSLO or any of it's affiliate's, these are my own pictures, content and verbiage that I have put together for my own personnel use}
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Theresa said...

Wow! Isn't it amazing when you feel inspired! So glad you had a great time! I'm sure you will put your new knowledge to good use. I don't really feel the need to go to NYC but if I did I would for sure go see the 9/11 memorial!

Lisa @ Henderson Rubin Creative Design Studio said...

Oh it brings back great memories! I am so glad you were one of my roomies, such a great time we had! I love all your photos! Great overview of your experience and what MSLO Dreamers Event was about!

Stefani said...

What a great experience!! I wanted to go so bad!! I'm hoping to be one of the lucky ones next year. :)