{Pintastic Tuedsay} For the Love of Chevron

Hello Blogettes! Today, we are talking about Chevron. It is popping up everywhere these days, and ever so popular. I love Chevron, it's kind of addicting. The Chevron pattern is a bold pattern that makes that really makes a strong impact. It's a little bit of a wavy pattern that bears a sharper edge.Despite being a bold and tough design, it's a great choice even for the most subtle party or event. If you choose the right colors and placement for a Chevron pattern then you can successfully apply the wavy, relaxed feeling that lies beneath this design.
There are a number of ways that this pattern can be used right. You could go all out with creating a bold look using this fun pattern. You may choose to pair the chevron stripes with horizontal and vertical stripes for some bold texture for your event. Another option, would be to go softer with the pattern. You don't have to commit to incorporating the pattern into everything, but just soft touches. For example: napkins, plates,  invitations, vases for centerpieces, ribbon accents, favors, table runners, table numbers, place cards, etc.  You could also use if for a dessert table and accent with chevron cookies, candy, cupcakes all the way down to the details on the cake.
Chevron isn't for everyone but it's fun to try out and play with different ideas. Next time your planning a fun event or party think about chevron and the different concepts I presented to you all today! Until next time happy pinning...

Bright Chevron Cake Pastel Chevron Cake Succlents
Chevron Cupcake Pedestal Chevron Party Setting Chevron Dessert Table

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{Pintastic Tuesday} Hello, Sunshine!

Hello, Sunshine! Welcome to another installment of Pintastic Tuesday here on the blog. We are talking about the color of sunshine: yellow. I don't know about you, but I LOVE yellow. It is such a bright and cheery color that reminds me of nothing else but Summer. It is one of my favorite colors to work with for parties, events and weddings, that adds such a freshness to everything it shines on.Here is a few things to keep in mind when using yellow or any other bright color. You want to make sure you don't over do the color.You want to make sure that the color is the central theme, but not to over do it so your guests grow tired of it. Try adding the color for a pop in a floral arrangement or a napkin at a formal dinner. If you are having a formal dinner you may want to consider yellow roses, ranunculus or even tulips. If you are having a fun and social dinner you could go with gebera daisy's, sunflowers or billy ball's. Ask yourself, does it look good in yellow? Your eyes are natural when it comes to choosing this, so go with what your eyes are drawn to. When ever I teach floral design, I tell my group to go with what looks good to them because that's what they are good for. I hope that I have given you some ideas that you can apply to your own parties. The next time your planning a party or event I encourage you to give yellow another look. Start with little accents for you party and go from there. Until next time happy pinning...

Yellow Vase Table, Balloon Table, Yellow Floral Arrangement (unknown), Yellow Dress

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{Pintastic Tuesday} Pinwheels...

Thank you for joining me for my very first Pintastic Tuesday. Today, I will be sharing pinwheels, who doesn't love these things? As a child, I remember summer days and the countless hours I would spend blowing these sort of magical fans in the wind. Pinwheels have been around for a long time and a few years ago they started popping up everywhere. Now, you can find them showcased as part of weddings, parties, photography and other social events. I just love the different options people have came up with and how creatively they have found various ways to use them. Try to incorporate them into you event whether it be in your bridal bouquet,  creative seating  for a party, in a floral arrangement, as photo props or just fun accents. I don't see them going out of style anytime soon... Check out some of my favorites...
Here is a great tutorial from The Wedding Chicks blog on how to make pinwheels.here

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I must confess something to you all, I ♥ PINTEREST (okay, I am obsessed)... In the words of Rachael Zoe: " I DIE."  I think that for girly, visual, crafty, paper loving gals like me it is a little piece of Heaven here on Earth. Ask yourself, what was my life like before Pinterest? I can tell you what mine was like. I would literally spend hours bookmarking inspiring items, compiling images in a Word document, print it and then organize it all into a binder, a very large binder in fact. I DO NOT miss those days, at all. This is why Pinterest is so AMAZING (get my point?) lol... I mean at the touch of your fingertips you have a virtual boards, that contain just about anything you can imagine under the sun, lots of eye candy. A place where you can go to escape and get lost in all of the crafty, diy, girly and paper goodness (well for me at least). Okay, so now back to the real reason why I am writing this post. I am offically kicking off Pintastic Tuesday here on the blog. Each week I will be concentrating on a concept, color scheme or what ever my little ♥ desires :) I will be combing Pinterest finding the things that inspire me as a stylist, crafter and lover of all things girly. I hope that I can inspire all of you lovelies, until next time, happy pinning... Follow me on Pinterest

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