Oh Sweet Baby Girl..

It’s been two and a half weeks since Mrs. Lailah made her appearance into our world. Born 06/28/15 at 2:00 p.m. sharp. Weighing in at 7 lbs. and 15 ounces, measuring 20 inches long. With a head full of dark brown hair and the sweetest brown eyes. 

 She’s the third child, and the last as I have come to grips with in the past 10 months. All of my thoughts were reassured I like to say after her traumatic entrance into this world, and I have become okay with that now. 

After another long and hard pregnancy and delivery I questioned myself many times, why I put myself through such an emotional state again? I have come to realize more so in the last 2.5 weeks than before I became pregnant. Emotions that seem to slightly mask the pain from my epidural that failed, the horrible contractions from the induction, the pain meds that didn’t work right, and the total shock my body battled. 

She is indeed the last one whose flutter kicks I felt inside my growing belly. The last one whose hunger cries will wake me in the middle of the night, every 2 hours. The last one who’s sweet milky breath I will smell when kissing her.  The last one who I will have to cradle around the house, just so she’s content and I can get things done. 

The last first smile, the last first bath, the last first steps, the last first day of school and so many other last memories. 

This day was destined to come ultimately; but all in God’s perfect timing. The day where we would celebrate the arrival of our last. The day where I could look at my beautiful family, my sweet newborn baby and feel “complete.” That day has come sadly, and I am learning to be okay with that…

The time will come fast enough, where we will indefinitely retire the stroller, the bottles, the diapers and the car seat. Where I will pack away her baby clothes one last time. She’ll be the last to head off to school, ride in a booster seat, and the last to kiss dad on the cheek as she leaves for her first dance. 

Soon enough she won’t need to hold our hand anymore when crossing the street, where she will be able to tie her own shoes, or the moment she doesn’t need us anymore after suffering her first heartbreak. 

Although, this seems so far away, untimely it is just around the corner. While the beginning of her life may seem so new, it ultimately is the last for us as parents. While her firsts will be our lasts, but the end of something so beautiful. May we take each day and hold it in our hearts forever, and remember the moments because it surely will fly by too fast…

Oh sweet Lailah, we are so blessed by you… 

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