{Wedding Series 101} :: Heat Proof Florals

Happy Monday! I am back today with another Wedding Series 101 Post. This is perfect timing for all the brides planning a summer wedding and need some heat proof flowers for their big day. Many florists know about these selections but as a blushing bride, this will help you out too! 

These blooms are sure to be wilt proof for your big day, and outlast your last dance! Check out the selections below and some of my favorite flowers to work with!

 1. Protea    2. Garden Rose     3. Millet     4. Cymbidium Orchid 
 5. Dahlia    6. Mini Calla Lilly     7. Peony      8. Celosia 
 9. Scabiosa Pods     10. Sunflower      11. Sedum     12. Thistle 
13. Garden Spray Rose     14. Kale     15. Silver Brunia     16. Viburnum Berries 

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