{Maternity Styled Shoot}:: A Greyson Design and Spark Creative Photography Collobration

This past year I met an sweet Photographer named Rose from Spark Creative Photography. As Rose and I were talking about styled shoots she mentioned a maternity shoot. I jumped on the opportunity to work with her as I have not styled an shoot like this before and it would be a blast. I just adore pregnant mammas -to- be :) We decided to shoot in an apple orchard and have a fun picnic style shoot with some fun personalized touches.

I though it would be fun to take the elements of the actual Apple Orchard and apply them to the styled shoot. I concentrated on apples, floral, and simple vintage touches. I knew that my beautiful wood platter that my grandpa turned in his wood shop for me would be the perfect element to use for the mini picnic setting. I also, had a vintage flour sifter that had hand painted apples on it that looked cute with a pot of yellow daises. The best finishing touch was apple cider in frap bottles with birch wood straws I had leftover from another photo-shoot. Such a fun and simple touch. 

Since my business involves Graphic Design,  I can never seem to do any styling jobs without adding in fun and personalized paper goods :) I though it would be fun to create a fun and new collection for a baby announcement. I designed a fun collection around apples with bold patterns to capture the fun and bright feel we were trying to capture. I just love how the collection turned out and you can find it for sale here. 


 When Rose and I originally asked the mamma- to-be of any pregnancy cravings or divulge any information we could use to style the shoot we were left empty. So instead of being able to add in personalized meanings for the couple we added in creativity in other ways. My latest obsession as a creative is calligraphy and hand lettering. I recently took a calligraphy class from the talented Molly Jacques and am a little partial to my new found love. I decided to take a wooden mini chalkboard I had in my studio and hand letter a sign for the soon to be "Baby Ethan." I just loved how it turned out and another simple and personalized element.

Another, one of my other favorite things from the shoot (I have a lot of favs) is the floral crown I designed and created. Floral Crowns are all the rage right now with shoots, weddings and floral design. Back in my days prior to my business I was a florist and never was able to create one of these lovelies. I knew that I would love to create one and haven't seen many used for maternity shoots before. It seems they are now popping up everywhere.

I weaved together some lovely blue thistle, wax flower, freesia and greens for this soft and simple floral crown. Although, this wasn't the only crown I made for this shoot it was perfect and lovely. After, the first shoot was rained out in early April I was not able to preserve the original floral crown seen here. Although, I did make a tutorial with that crown and will soon be releasing that video soon.

I hope you enjoy some more of my favorite shots from the photoshoot below. You can find a whole album here on Facebook to satisfy your appetite for cute preggo moms :) I just adored Erin and Mike, they were so fun to work with. Don't forget to stop by Spark Creative Photography page here and send Rose some love. You won't be disappointed in what you find!



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