SNAP! An amazing blogging conference to connect with brands.

SNAP! Creativity at your fingertips. Wow! This conference definitely holds up to it's name and tag line. From the moment I walked in to the moment I left I felt so inspired. Creativity, was definitely there. If you are a blogger, creative person, business owner this is a must go to conference. Snap, is an annual social media conference for bloggers, focused on entertaining, crafts and home DIY. Never ever have I felt so connected with so many other entrepreneurs, crafters and bloggers under one roof. Also, let me just say the resources and the companies that sponsor this great event are amazing. Under one roof you have amazing companies like Cricut Lowe'sWorld Market Cold Stone and more.

The thing I was most excited about was meeting and listening to so many fabulous bloggers that I have been admiring for years. Let's not forget the opportunity to connect with some of my favorite party girls and stay with the lovely and sweet Jen from Banner Events :) Some of my true craft and business inspirations I got to meet were Rhonna from Rhonna Designs , Shelly from House of Smiths, Becki from Whippy Cake , and MORE!!! There was such a wide variety of speakers that truly touched every aspect of the blogger and crafty community. Some of my favorites, but not all were "How to Work with Brands, Instagram, Branding and Parties that Wow." While I am still trying to process all of this information and apply it to my business. I have been been busy tackling an game plan.

Snap is not only a conference where you are able to learn a lot for your business but also very fun. With pajama parties, dance parties, craft night, shopping  and the endless resources to connect with sponsors and other business professionals. Besides, you get to go home with some serious Swag. I mean a whole suitcase full of fun stuff. If you want to learn more about Snap you can find their website here.
You won't be disappointed and the small fee to attend the conference is so worth it.I will definitely be back!

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