March Goals

Where have the days gone? I know I missed last month's so this month will be a combination of Feburary and March :) Before you know it I will be back with April goals, ahhh! So without further ado unto March...

Work on website- Wow I didn't think this would be such a foreign thing for me. I like to think I am pretty techy but when it comes to websites I obviously have no clue. I will now be able to start putting my website together now that all the technical stuff has been set up! Greyson Design is getting a piece of internet real estate :)

Learn a new art- I am so excited to say I will be attending a calligraphy workshop taught by the lovely and oh so talented Molly Jacques. I have been wanting to learn this for awhile and improve my handwriting so I can write more lovely handwritten notes. Cannot wait!

Be intentional- This is a goal that has hit home hard for me recently. This is something my hubby and I have been talking about with our small group and at home. To be more present in our kids lives and our personal lives. As we all know it is already March, where do the days go? Our kids are 7 and 2.5 already and they are not slowing down any time soon. We have been wrapped up in running two businesses and remodeling two house, yes you read that right! Life is really full right now and to say the least stressful. I know that it is temporary and I am having to trust God even more now. I want to be more intentional in my personal life and present. Life is too short.

Finish Sales License Information- I set this goal for January but it has fallen to the wayside. I am needing to finish just a few more things with this but will be involving my lawyer to make sure nothing is missed. My plan is to finish this this month :)

Start Power sheets- A few weeks ago I mentioned I was attending the MTH conference in Chapel Hill this month. Sadly, to say the least something has come up that I have no control over and have had to forfeit my spot :( But you can be assured I will MTH2014. Because I am not able to attend the conference I did order the power sheets from Lara Casey. I feel these will help me get a jump start for next year and really put my business into perspective. This will definitely be an April and possibly May goal too.

I know this is an big ole list but it really has been helpful for me to put my goals out there for you all to help keep me accountable. Happy Friday loves :) 

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