Going Back To My Roots...

Four years ago, when I started my business there was a different light I was apart of. The light I am referring to is wedding invitations. Believe it or not I use to make handmade invitations before I started down the road of digital pdf's. Somehow, my business shifted as I took on more floral design projects, creating printables and my newest love- event styling. Since I returned home from NYC in March after my amazing trip, post here, I have been pondering on a lot of things for my little business. My first love has ALWAYS been weddings, just something so lovely about them! So as I am growing my business and thinking of ways to promote myself more, a light bulb went on. See when I picked the name Greyson Design I wanted something flexible and not just a name that defines one aspect of my business. I knew that I would want to become skilled in floral design, graphic design and events and needed a name that was fitting. So when I was thinking of ways to use my name for my new adventure, it was easy. So the news is that hopefully by the end of the year, I will be launching my collection of wedding invitations called, "Love Greyson." Not only will I offer printable wedding invitations for the DIY savvy, but also full service. While, the collection is in the beginning stages of design I couldn't be happier. I feel like this is the next big step for Greyson Design. I hope that you continue to show your love and support for Greyson Design and encourage me as I make these lovely changes. Thank you again!

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