Sinclair and Moore Workshop

“I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.” ― Elsie De Wolfe

One year ago I was in Seattle, attending the Sinclair and Moore Workshop. It's amazing how fast time flies, and before you know it, here we are before we know it and another year has passed. I think the greatest thing I learned about myself in that season of life was that "anything is possible if you believe in yourself first." Let's dive into the good stuff shall we? Follow along with these lovely images taken by Maria Lamb Photography.


If your considering attending the Sinclair and Moore Workshop, I definitely would say make the investment. The opportunity and return on investment is far above any other wedding workshop I have seen and your portfolio will blossom tremendously. Steve and Jamie really know what they are doing in this industry and have always been a prime example of timelessness and expertise in my opinion. 

Steve really does an amazing job listening to each individuals dreams and giving amazing advice. They care about you as an individual and really want you to leave refreshed and feeling inspired. The workshop keeps it's doors open to everyone, no experience is required. 

The workshop experience was amazing and no detail was left out. Steve and his team definitely made you feel welcomed and you never left hungry that's for sure. Some of the best local food and dessert I have ever tasted from local restaurants like DERU Market. It's making me want to hop on a plane right now! 

We received the loveliest welcome gifts full of some of sweetest things from amazing vendors. I was so excited to see my monogram on a lovely apron from Oatmeal and Lace, it was such a fun surprise!


Over the course of the Design workshop we learned many key components about Steve's design process. We were taught hands on floral design by Steve and also Ashley from the lovely Tinge Floral. It was so great to see each of their design processes differently, but both valuable in my opinion. This was my favorite part of the workshop. 




My compote design that I made, isn't she lovely?


My gal pal Sammi and I designing together. I will always cherish this picture! 

On the last day, we had the opportunity to display our creations in an artistic photo-shoot. We selected the design we wanted to be apart of and got to work with our groups putting the details together, that Steve created. It was a exciting time to say the least, as if you were on the set of a movie production. Hair, makeup, models, installation, props, rentals, and more were pulled together to make the final product just breathtaking. Steve really didn't miss a detail did he? 

Explore some of the beautiful images of our shoot that day. Some of my favorites for sure! Maria Lamb Photography is amazing behind the camera and is just as sweet and beautiful too! 


 My lovely bouquet, one of my favorites I have ever created

Our team styling the tablescape


I definitely left the workshop with a clearer expectation on how I wanted my business to grow and what felt like a fresh start. Not only did I inherited a collection of images captured by Maria Lamb Photography to build my portfolio, but ones I will always cherish. Lastly, I met a group of women that will forever be sweet friends, some of the best souls I ever did meet. 


 I am thankful to have experienced this opportunity that seems to only happen once in a lifetime. Moments I will always cherish deeply and cling on to when I need that extra push to just keep going! Anything is possible friends! Have a blessed day!

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