New Year Brings New Changes and Contentment...

2014, was a year of finding out more about myself, and my business . It was a year of discovering what fuels my core, what drives my passion and what makes sense in the end. I remember sitting on the shuttle bus on the way to the airport after the AH Inspired conference, talking with my sweet friend Tana, and it all of a sudden clicked. It started to make sense all of the jumble I had clouded in my head for so long, suddenly became clearer.

After that pivotal moment, I collected my thoughts and started to dive into what I knew my heart and business needed, a face lift. I contacted a lovely calligrapher who I admired for some time, I started building a new word press website, branding collateral, etc. I knew after talking to a few industry friends and colleges that this was the right direction I needed for my business, my heart felt right.

So what does all of this mean? Greyson Design is changing but in a good and beautiful way. My name will change a little bit to focus more on what makes my heart burst. With that change a new beautiful logo and website is being curated and finalized as we speak. My services will be altered to fit my new brand and more. I can't wait to reveal the final product to you soon, my heart could just burst at the seams.

One thing that will be a huge change to my company is the graphic design aspect of my company. I will no longer be producing invitations, printables or any graphic design like that. Later, down the road my focus will be more on inspirational pieces that make sense to me and my core values as a business and person. I can't wait to reveal more on that, but all in perfect timing!

Going into 2015, I was a little paranoid to say the least. To make these major changes has been scary, but reassuring. I knew that I couldn't get down on myself and compare my old business to my up and coming one. Or to not compare myself to other professionals who have a strong brand and name, we all start somewhere right? So going into this new year I wanted to make sure my #onelittleword was a powerful and meaningful word that would resonate. This year I will be soaking up the word CONTENTMENT.

This word can mean so much for so many people. For me it is the idea of being comfortable in my own skin and life. Not that improving any of these areas is negative, but doing it in a positive way. I want to be content on where my business and life is heading, but driven by my own heart, not others progress. I also want to be content knowing that I am enough and doing the best I can. So many times in our life we get lost with comparing ourselves to others, but in the end it just brings us down.

I look forward to sharing so much with you in 2015. Wishing you all so much love! Here's to being content my friends!

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