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I wanted to start a new series on my blog just in time for all those newly engaged couples who need a little advice. Over the next several weeks I will be sharing advice on picking wedding colors, hiring vendors, invitation etiquette, event design and more! I wanted to kick off today with talking about your wedding guest list. 

Many brides to-be have a very hard time narrowing down who to invite to the wedding. They fear leaving someone out may cause a riff. Or many have the perception that if they were invited to her wedding that the feeling should be reciprocated. That is not the case and I am here to help you with all these thoughts and more. Here are a few simple guidelines. 
Just because you were grade school best friends doens't mean you owe her an invite. And neither does the fact that she invited you to hers - a decade ago. A few questions to ask yourself when deciding: Can you imagine calling her in the next year or having dinner with her? If so, add her to your primary list. If you were once close but haven't been in years, keep her on your secondary list. 

Your immediate family is something you shouldn't have to even think twice about. Also, as well as aunts, uncles, first cousins, and grandparents. But for the more distant relatives it's a good idea to remember if you invite one from a family clan, you have to invite the whole clan. For example: You wouldn't invite your second cousin and not invite her siblings too. It only seems right! 

The same rule applies here that was mentioned above too. Invite the whole clan from your department or none at all. An exception to this rule is colleagues you see regularly outside of the office. In this case they are truly a friend and not just a co-worker. The hardest decision is if you should invite your boss or not. If they are someone you work closely with a lot, or if the office environment would reflect poorly on you if your didn't ask her to go, go ahead and invite her. 

Couples often debate if they would allow the invited guests to bring a date, etc. Honestly, if you are okay with meeting quite a few strangers or people you really don't know then that is okay. Just remember it can add up rather quickly when you are combing over the wedding budget. Most people draw the line inviting significant others, or partners only. If you do decide to follow this rule, just make the rule consistent for everyone. 

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