New Logo, New Beginnings... The Transformation of a logo

This week I decided to do something a little different for a post. I wanted to share with you the transformation of my logo and the work that goes into producing it. Some of you know that since March of this year I have been working closely with a group of designers and advocates from Deluxe Corporation. The team was AMAZING and so helpful! When I attended the Dreamers into Doer's MSLO Event this past March (you can see that post here) I was the lucky winner of an awesome logo package. This couldn't have came at a better time for me actually. A few weeks prior to leaving for NYC I was in the process of changing my logo for some paper products that I wanted to send to NYC for the swag bags and business cards. Never, did I think that designing a logo would be so stressful, haha. To define something that everyone sees as the face of the business that's a lot of pressure. The last thing you want to do is hate it and end up re-designing it sooner than later. I mean when I first designed my original logo, the one with the dandelion I seemed to have no problem it seems, but little did I know. Back in 2008, when I decided to start pursuing my dream I though what I created looked great. Fast forward a few years and now it's time for a re-branding and a new look for a new beginning.
When I first started the process with Deluxe Corporation I thought I wanted to incorporate the dandelion into my logo again, but that changed soon after. I guess I was having a hard time portraying the reason behind the image and the meaning for my business. I had one thought that came to mind only: I wanted to be everywhere possible and make dreams come true. I thought about it long and hard. I came to a realization that I was trying to make the image define me, not define my image and me. So out with the dandelion and in with a whole new set of ideas.  I literally went through about 10 revisions total each time with the designers showing me at least 6-8 concepts each time. I would get home and almost every night I was faithful to finding the perfect logo for Greyson Design. I knew I wanted something modern, simple, girly with an amazing  font incorporated. I have to say the hardest part of designing my logo was to let others design it for me. Sometimes I found it cumbersome to delay to the designers what my concept was.
 It actually, wasn't until the second to last set of revisions that I decided to pull out my sketch book and do a pencil drawing altered from a previous revision. I knew by this time that I was getting close to what I really wanted. All of a sudden it hit me and to town I went with my sketch book. Before I knew it the perfect font and image was making sense to me. Many of you may ask why I choose a heart for my logo? I felt that it truly defines me and my business. I LOVE this path I have choose and this is what dreams are made of :) What better image to incorporate other than a heart, displaying true love for the celebrations and events we love celebrating. I want people to love working with Greyson Design, enuff said :) I also, have some visions for my business and new product development that aligns perfectly with the image. More to come on that soon... Below I have included almost all of the revisions from Deluxe Corporation that I felt were worth saving and to show the transformation of my logo. It is kind of fun to look back and see how far my logo has come. I hope you enjoy the transformation and stick around to see a new beginning for Greyson Design. Thank you for all your support, always!


The Final Logo:Produced from a pencil drawing.

All images are created by the amazing staff at Deluxe Corporation. They can be found at this link.

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{Pintastic Tuesday} Words of Encouragement

Hello Everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts in the last 2 weeks things have been really hectic. We just celebrated my niece and son's 2nd birthday party with a curious george inspired party. Everything turned out adorable, I can't wait to share! Today, on the blog for Pintastic Tuesday I am sharing some inspiring quotes I found via pinterest :) Some of these quotes are very dear to my heart and drive me everyday when it comes to following my dreams! I hope that you find some of your favorites and decide to follow your dreams as well, happy pinning.



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The last week has been quite busy here for Greyson Design! A little over a week ago I contacted Casi at CupcakeMAG inquiring about advertising. I am excited to be advertising with a well know online publication and website. Casi is the mastermind behind the magazine that is known for interviewing celebrities, product reviews, and a fashion powerhouse! I mean check out the Facebook page photos and you can catch Casi and her team at all the shows for fashion week and keeping up with the latest products! Click facebook to checkout CupcakeMAG and her for website. You will start seeing my ad up on the website in the next week or so, once my logo design is finalized.

So what is the big announcement you may ask, well here it is. Some of you know I had been working on a secret project this past week. I wanted to keep it quiet until the package was in the mail. Here is a little background behind my project. I have been doing ribbon weaving for a few years now. I have made custom albums, frames and other gifts. I love how beautiful it looks and such a fun and beautiful technique. Well, when the opportunity arose for me to be able to send TORI SPELLING some of my products I jumped all over it. I had to think of a way to get her attention and I hope I will when she receives my gift next week. I decided to make a ribbon weaved picture frame and also included some of my custom cards as well. I incorporated a photo of her lovely family to show her, but can be replaced upon arrival. I was delighted with how the products turned out and still am in awe knowing she will recieve a gift that I put my heart and soul into.

I have always admired Tori Spelling and think she is a business genius and pretty amazing mom and wife! Out of all the celebrities I could have chosen from, I feel like Tori Spelling is one I most am inspired by. A lover of paper, event styling and all things vintage, a gal after my own heart. She is someone I have learned a lot from as far as the party planning business, thank you Tori for being so inspiring! The brooch to the right is from the new jewelry line Styled By Tori Spelling. The brooch you see in the picture was used on the frame I sent to her. Clever huh? :) Isn't is gorgeous and so affordable.

Here is the collection of the products I sent to Tori I hope that you enjoy. The ribbon weaved frame will be coming soon to my Etsy shop. It is perfect for wedding, showers, babies, birthdays and anniversary presents.

{Disclaimer: In no way do I represent Tori Spelling or any of her affiliates. All information presented on this blog are my own views. Picture of Tori and family are property of Tori Spelling and taken by Elizabeth Messina of kissthegroom. Picture of Tori in pink dress source. Picture of necklace with brooch source}

On another note, my logo in in the final stages this week. I have been working non stop with the designer's and submitting a lot of ideas and examples to them. This past week I pulled out my sketchbook and turned a few of the revisions into what I feel represents Greyson Design. I like my company image to stay modern, clean and pretty and I feel the last revision I submitted is it. It also flows nicely with a new collections I will be launching soon! Announcement coming soon!

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